How do I choose my unisex Maison Sambin niche perfume?

Oya, Osun and Shango, each of our creations is available in 50ml and 10ml bottle format. By consulting the Maison Sambin website, you have access to all the details concerning the notes and the differences in scents to expect.

And if you want to discover our universe while giving you the choice of the selection for a perfume that truly resembles you, Maison Sambin offers you a discovery offer that reflects all the know-how and inspiration of our creators of unisex niche perfumes.

If you are looking for fragrances for men and women inspired by ancestral origins and inspiring for those who seek excellence, then we suggest you let yourself be tempted by the olfactory experience offered by Maison Sambin. It’s the assurance of discovering a scent that will freeze in your memory and define who you are!